Hot Spring Spas

Comparisons & Facts

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Top Claims

1) What They Don’t Tell You

No warranty on the shell structure

  • If the shell cracks, the spa needs to be replaced, but that is not covered by the warranty so you would be responsible for the full replacement cost.

2) Salt cleans water with as little work as possible

  • With a chemical reaction constantly happening in your spa, there is less control of the amount of chlorine generated.
  • In order for the FreshWater® Salt System to work, the user needs to manually perform a variety of tasks.
  • The 20+ pages between the start-up guide and the separate FreshWater owner’s manual provides instructions that must be followed.
  • If not maintained properly as detailed in the 20+ page start-up guide and owner’s manual, the cartridge wears out faster and needs to be replaced sooner at the added expense of the user.
  • Calcium is known to cause build up on the cell causing it to fail sooner at the added cost of the consumer.
Bullfrog Mold
    • Salt is a known corrosive, so it corrodes equipment and surfaces.
    • Splashes and/or overflow from the spa can damage decks and other surrounding surfaces, so you are always needing to clean up after each use.
    • It continues adding expense to the spa, both upfront as the add on and when replacing cartidges.
    • When draining the water, unbalanced salt water can kill landscaping, so the water isn’t able to be reclaimed.
    • Changing water annually means you’re bathing in the same water over and over.
Bullfrog Mold
  • Requires chlorine granular to startup to build the chlorine residue in order for the system to start working.
  • 3-day startup time so you’re only using Chlorine if you want to hop in right away.
  • Overgeneration of chlorine happens when the spa isn’t in use.
  • FreshWater Owner’s Manual:
  • FreshWater Start-Up Guide:

3) Salt provides a soft feeling

  • Salt is a sulfate which are known to damage hair, remove color, or counteract anti-frizz treatments.
  • Sulfates can irritate eyes, skin, and lungs, especially with long-term use.
  • Article:
Hot Spring Spas

4) MotoMassage

  • You wait for two tubes to sweep by your spine so you are sporadically receiving a massage.
  • A massage directly on your spine is not a common massage technique because it is painful and could cause potential damage to the spine.
  • No adjustability in direction or intensity so it cannot adjust to your changing needs.
  • Relies on moving parts, so when repairs are needed, it’s complex design makes it necessary for a technician to repair vs. DIY
  • seating position
  • direct pressure point jet vs moving jets to flex for body size
  • only patented jet and was introduced back in 1984
Hot Spring Spas Hot Spring Spas

5) Largest manufacturer

  • The majority of the parent company’s brands are outside of the industry like windows and paint, so overall innovations made by “the company” are not industry-relevant.
  • Even if you only consider the 5 spa brands in their portfolio, their size does not equal the legacy and innovation of the largest manufacturers in the world.
  • We love competing with them because we have commonalities: multiple brands in our family, multiple product lines, both started around the same time, but our strength is our innovation.

6) 100% no bypass filtration

  • Without a second tank to store the water that has already been filtered, there is no way to ensure all the water is being cleaned, so it’s not any better than other methods.
  • Hampers the massage performance as the filter fills with debris from the spa because there isn’t anywhere else for the water to pull from.

7) Lack of foot jets

  • Reflexology is an important aspect of total body wellness, so we have jets in every footwell to ensure everyone has a full body massage experience.

8) Limited acrylic colors

  • With half as many colors available, there are fewer options to create that look that’s an extension of your home.

8) Less jets that move water differently

  • All their jets produce only a straight directional flow
  • In the Highlife Collection, there is a high count of narrow, pressure-point style jets so there are not jets to massage large muscle groups
  • Non-patented, OEM jets sold/available across the industry

What They Say About Us

1) Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Are Made In Mexico With Parts From China

  • Let me ask you a question if I give you a Mercedez would you take it? Do you know it is made in Mexico? Where a product is made has no bearing on the quality of the product it is more important what it is made from. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are made to the high specifications outlined by Jacuzzi and its over 700 patents. Jacuzzi is a global manufacturer, we have manufacturing on 5 different continents. Did you know our Acrylic and spa packs are from the US, cabinets, and lighting are from Canada. All of the hot tub industry purchase parts from everywhere and then assemble. We just do our assembly in Mexico

2) Our Hot Tubs are Self Cleaning too

  • Show them our patent on the Self Cleaning System and then explain that if the system does not have a high flow skimmer, a floor vacuum and a pressure side filter then it cannot be Self Cleaning.

3) Jacuzzi Owns Hydropool and Hydropool is Jacuzzi’s lower end brand

  • Hydropool and Jacuzzi Brands are owned by the same company Invest Industrial. Invest Industrial is a private equity company that owns multiple brands like Sundance, Hydropool, Dimension One and Jacuzzi. Hydropool is a stand alone hot tub brand that is made in Mississauga Canada.

4) Hydropool Hot Tubs are made in Mexico like all the other jacuzzi Brands

  • Hydropool Hot Tubs is a 40 year old company that has over 300 employees. The factory is located in Mississauga Ontario Canada.

5) The Pressure Side Filter on the self cleaning hot tub collects water and is a magnet for mosquitos

  • The Filter and the ice bucket are both attached to drains that will drain the area of any stagnant water


Headquartered in Vista, California

  • Manufacturing is done in Tiajuana for most of their collections, so their claim isn’t as patriotic like it appears to be.

Tri-X filters are longer lasting and more efficient

    • Larger pores allow more debris to remain in the water
    • When pores clog from improper care, water flow is restricted which can cause a loss of pressure to the jets.
    • Why would you want to put that grime in your dishwasher?
    • The ceramic material crumbles and breaks down into the water over time.
    • The area for filtration takes up almost a whole seat, so you lose space in the spa to relax

    Clean Water

    @ease cartridge holders are built in-line for ease

    • The built-in chamber creates an unnecessary hole through the acrylic and creates an added eye-sore if you choose not to use it.
    • You must maintain proper water balance for it to work
    • Customers say it runs out much faster than advertised


    No-Fault Heater maintains efficiency

    • If the heater needs to be protected from imbalanced water and corrosion, what does that say about the ease of their water care system and the harshness of chemicals created?
    • If the heater was better, why isn’t it backed with a longer warranty?

    SilentFlo® Circ Pump

    • When the pump is always running, there is added wear on all the parts, so there is added replacement costs over time.
    • It takes nearly 6 times longer to clean the water than a high-volume pump.

    FiberCor insulation is 4x denser

    • If this was the best insulation type available, why do they use a multiple layer foam approach on their top Highlife Collection?
    • The material breaks apart like packing peanuts when service is needed.
    • The open-pore material collects moisture more than foam cells, so there is a higher likelihood of mold or mildew build up inside the cabinet.

    HotSpot/Limelight has a pedistal base

    • Without any protection from the ground, the exposed wood frame rots. When the frame rots, the spa warps and can crack the acrylic shell.
    • There is no barrier to keep nature like critters or insects out of the spa, so they have access to cause sever damage to the plumbing and electrical.


    Floating Controller

    • Many people forget to charge the controller because it is portable and not always placed back on the docking station. Then you’re no better off than having a built-in control.
    • You can lose or forget it in an inconvenient place so you lose control of your spa.
    • A portable device with wet hands is prone to being dropped. However, dropping the control voids its warranty, so you are responsible for the replacement cost.


    • The technology is from the circuit board manufacturer so the experience you’re receiving is available for all other brands.
    • A tech needed to upgrade the software.
    • WiFi connections are unreliable and limit the places you can install your spa.