Master Spas

Comparisons & Facts

Everything you need to know to sell against Master Spas is right here.

Top Claim

1) Legendary Service

  • Many reports of spas not being delivered or delivered in questionable condition (dirty with no set up). Sales people misrepresent their serviceability.

2) Event Presences

  • Questionable business tactics in supporting customers at their traveling shows and after purchase. Like being at a used car dealership (sales, asst mgr, closer)

3) Made in America

  • Assembled in the USA with parts from China. (Ask “why is that important to you?”) We are part of an international company with manufacturing in 5 countries.

What They Say About Us

1) Hydropool Self Cleaning Systems don’t work.

  • Show them the 3d video of the self clean system and re-enforce the fact that Hydropool Filtration system was developed by our engineers to replicate the filtration system of every commercial hot tub and swimming pool every made.

2) Our Hot Tubs are Self Cleaning too

  • Show them our patent on the Self Cleaning System and then explain that if the system does not have a high flow skimmer, a floor vacuum and a pressure side filter then it cannot be Self Cleaning.

3) Jacuzzi Owns Hydropool and Hydropool is Jacuzzi’s lower end brand

  • Hydropool and Jacuzzi Brands are owned by the same company Invest Industrial. Invest Industrial is a private equity company that owns multiple brands like Sundance, Hydropool, Dimension One and Jacuzzi. Hydropool is a stand alone hot tub brand that is made in Mississauga Canada.

4) Hydropool Hot Tubs are made in Mexico like all the other jacuzzi Brands

  • Hydropool Hot Tubs is a 40 year old company that has over 300 employees. The factory is located in Mississauga Ontario Canada.

5) The Pressure Side Filter on the self cleaning hot tub collects water and is a magnet for mosquitos

  • The Filter and the ice bucket are both attached to drains that will drain the area of any stagnant water


Made In America

  • Based n Fort Wayne, Indiana with over 20 years in business and makes 100% of their product in USA.


StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat (Neck Jets)

  • Out of water jets are like the massage on a water pik, which isn’t as effective as underwater jets. Tall people and different body shapes will have a challenge with these jets. Some people may not like their hair getting wet by jets like this.
  • Foot therapy system that uses dual jet clusters with 28 total individual nozzles using reflexology. It is powered by a separate oversized pump moving 200 gallons of water per min.

Xtreme Therapy Seat & Lounger Seat

  • 22-strategically placed jets with 2 individual whirlpools provide maximum hydrotherapy coverage for calves, arms, wrists and hands It also has individual jet controls.

Master Force Bio-Magnetic Therapy System

  • This is Standard on a Masters Hot Tub… It applies magnetic therapy to pressure points on the neck and back with the strategic placement of powerful magnets behind the StressRelief Neck and Shoulder Seat.Magnetic power disipates with thicker separation between the source magnet and the body. Magnetic therapy is dubious at best. There was a time when this was a fad in pro sports, but has disappeared. The benefits have reportedly been disproven.
  • Scientific studies on human subjects have failed to show the efficacy of using magnets to treat pain or joint and muscle stiffness.


  • These jets have crystal-like nozzles for an upscale, distinctive look. Some have fully adjustable velocity, ranging from 10-100 for a customized experience.
  • They use waterway jets, which keeps the replacement cost down. This is something we offer on our lower end tubswhich we offer at a lower price. Our jets also come with a 5-year warranty. They also focus on quantity of jets,and less about quality and placement.

Clean Water

EcoPur Charge Hot Tub Water Purification System

  • This filter is engineered to work alone, or concert, with both the Mast3rPur and QuietFlo systems.

QuietFlow Water Care system

  • Circulation pump moves 25 gallons of water per minute.

Mast3rPur Water management system

  • Utilizes three hot tub sanitation methods–Ozone, UV-C light and a combination of copper and zinc with the EcoPur system. They claim that this system improves water quality and reduces chemical usage. Standard on some higher level spas. This level of coverage is standard on all of our spas and ours has low-level output of ozone, which will prolong the life of your spa and accessories.


Vac-Formed ABS Pan Bottom

  • The Legend Series frames are further reinforced with this high density polymer base designed to keep heat In and pests out. This is optional on all 7 foot and 8 foot Twilight Series, Healthy Living, and Clarity spas.

DuraMaster Premium Skirting

  • High-impact weatherable polymer.
  • Easy to maintain with a lifetime warranty. Woodgrain patterns etched for a 3D look. Virtually no fading or color change.

Icynene Foam Installation

  • Environmentally-friendly foam insulation forms a continuous thermal barrier…claims to be the most energy efficient. Claims to support the plumbing while maintaining heat and keeping cold out.


WiFi Module

  • This remote control system works with Apple and Android over Wi-Fi.
  • Wi-Fi system is limited to line of sight, which limits the location of the spa.
  • The control is also limited to lighting, water temp, and running the massage pumps.